Astorga, León. 14 &15 July, 2017

A typical mistake made by small and medium-sized companies in the area of cybersecurity is to think that the information systems and databases of their companies are of no interest to hackers, and therefore that they should not pay too much attention to cyber-protection.

On May 12th a massive worldwide cyber-attack affected more than 100.000 companies in almost 100 countries. This shows the relevance of cybersecurity  although the decision to organise this first seminar focused on cybersecurity was taken before this worldwide cyber-attack.

This recent cyber-attack only confirms that it is imperative for SME’s to think about solutions to systematically prevent hacking and infections of their communications and computer systems.

Cloud storages, attacks on mobile devices, proliferation of malware and other piracy activities are the object of worries for all companies worldwide because they are increasingly interconnected and vulnerable.

Regarding the legal background, the European Directive on Data Protection entered into force on 24 May 2016, and it shall apply from 25 May 2018. EU Member States have to transpose it into their national laws by 6 May 2018.

This also implies that SMEs will be forced to substantially invest in cyber-security by adopting measures to protect the privacy of data, by advancing the compulsory reporting of intrusions through safety gaps and by assuring continuous training of CTOs.

In this new context, SMEs have to be know the state-of-the-art of the following challenging issues:

  • Which threats are they exposed to?
  • Which information or data should be protected and how?
  • Which minimum technical support and training has to be provided to companies?
  • How will these changes affect their profit and loss accounts?
  • Can they expect to receive any public funds?

These issues and many others will be addressed during the coming FIRST EUROPEAN SEMINAR ON CYBERSECURITY in Astorga, León, 14 &15 July, 2017.